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Why Gestalt? Why with Horses?

Updated: Jan 22

Gestalt is a therapy modality that focuses on wholeness. It falls into the humanistic theories of psychology; it's founder, Fritz Perls, shared the humanistic theory stage with the likes of Carl Jung, Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers... but enough of the concepts lesson.

When I first heard of Equine Gestalt Coaching, I was intrigued. I tend to follow humanistic theories and knew that Perls was right on target with his concepts of healing and wholeness. I knew that horses have an innate ability to help us stay in balance emotionally. Learning that some brilliant human had created a process that ties them together absolutely blew me away. I looked into who Melisa Pearce is, and what she has done with Touched by a Horse®. What I found absolutely intrigued me... so, I did what I do and leaped, hoping hard that my wings would unfold on the way down. Now, let's caveat this a bit... I was HURTING and hurting bad when I made the decision to leap. But hey, I had been working with my (talk/EMDR) therapist and was getting through the grief... but as soon as I would crack the darkness, I would get "oh, time is up..." and on my not-so-merry way I would go. I knew I needed more. My horses were part of it - they were balancing my energy and pulling it off (more on that another time) but each time I would go back to my therapist, it was the same old song & dance. So, going into this, I was more skeptical than I even realized (thanks for seeing that and loving me anyway Melisa!) And then I went to my first Core, an intensive four days where we not only learn the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method®, but we DO OUR OWN WORK. We learn it from the student-coach perspective, and the client perspective. I have poked holes in a wall that has been there for decades, that no amount of talk therapy has even so much as touched. I can say without hesitation, that YES, this "thing" does work. It digs deep into the background, allowing the us to find the root and address it. The horses bring the balance and help us recognize our truth.

It feels a little magical sometimes, but I assure you, it's real! And, I am

continuing to root out my own background and poke cracks in my wall so that it is crumbled completely and the whole me has risen like a Phoenix by the time I hang my proverbial shingle as an Equine Gestaltist® next summer. Let's keep on healing those hurts together, shall we? It's pretty fascinating to see through a clear lens!

Learn more about how you can be a DreamCatchers client here

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