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DreamCatchers Group Activities

DreamCatchers offers group activities at your facility or ours. 

Senior Living Facilities:

DreamCatchers will bring a horse or two for a visit at your facility.  This is always a good time for residents who may have had a "heart horse" in their past, farmers, ranchers and animal lovers in general.
Requirements: Space outside
where horses and residents can interact one on one or in small groups with the horses.

Minimum one hour visit

Youth Programs


DreamCatchers will bring a horse or two for a visit at your facility. or you may bring groups of up to 15 to our site. This is an opportunity for school age children to learn about the basics of horses and interact with them one-on-one with our staff.
Requirements: outside space, preferably on grass, sand or loose dirt. Children who wish to approach a horse must wear closed-toe shoes, no exceptions.

Minimum one hour visit

Peer Support/Recovery Groups


Group Facilitation: DreamCatchers offers educational or recreational group activities for a variety of groups at our facility.  Activities include emotional support through small group and one-on-one interactions with horses.

Contact Jodi Freeman to discuss these specialized groups

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