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assisted living residents greet horse

DreamCatchers Visits with a Horse

DreamCatchers offers group activities at your facility or ours. 

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Do you have seniors in your life who have fond memories of time spent with horses? Maybe they have never been around a horse, but have always been curious.  Let DreamCatchers guide that trip down memory lane when we visit your facility with a horse or two. We provide the opportunity for those unable to travel to our farm to spend time soaking in the memories and peace that horses provide. 

Requirements: Space outside where horses and residents can interact one on one or in small groups with the horses.

It's a Horse, of Course


DreamCatchers will bring a horse or two for a visit at your facility. This is an opportunity for school age children and other groups to learn about the basics of horses and interact with them one-on-one with our staff.

Requirements: outside space, preferably on grass, sand or loose dirt. Anyone wishing to approach a horse must wear closed-toe shoes, no exceptions.

DreamCatchers is fully insured and will provide a Certificate of Insurance upon request prior to our visit. All participants or their legal guardians are required sign our standard release form before contact with any DreamCatchers horse whether on our property or yours.

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