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DreamCatchers - Your Partner in Healing

DreamCatchers is an emotional support program that pairs support methods and equine wisdom in a therapeutic way to help those experiencing challenges find a sense of peace. While we do not offer traditional therapy, we are able to partner with therapists to ensure that needs are appropriately met. Be sure to check out each program we offer to find exactly the right fit for you!

Jodi Freeman is a Certified Peer Support Specialist, with a focus on supporting those facing anxiety, depression, trauma related emotional concerns, and grief. Combining her loves of horses and supporting others, Jodi offers Peer Support services harnessing the incredible emotional strength of horses.

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit. We believe that the inability to pay for services should never be a barrier to receiving the support you need. Please ask about our scholarship application*.

*(income limits apply)

How do Horses Help?

A June 2018 study cited in the journal “Medical News Today” proves that horses respond to human emotion by integrating the tone of voice they hear with the facial expressions they see. 

More importantly, however, is that horses help provide a sense of calm.  In a 2012 article in “The Guardian”, therapist Gabriel Gardner notes "It has been clinically documented that just being around horses changes human brainwave patterns. We calm down and become more centered and focused when we are with horses," he says. "Horses are naturally empathetic. The members of the herd feel what is going on for the other members of the herd."

Does DreamCatchers Offer Riding Lessons?

DreamCatchers is not a traditional riding lessons program, however, we do offer a four-session introduction to riding. Participants in "Trail Ride Academy" learn the basics of safety around horses, how to mount and dismount safely, and how to ride a horse in walk and trot gaits. Additional riding sessions are offered for a separate cost, and as our schedule allows. Details can be found here.

Who Can Participate?

Anyone age 13 and older who is seeking a different way to learn to manage their emotional healing and grow through the power of one-to-one support.

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