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Welcome to DreamCatchers

We are an equine-based emotional support organization in Lincoln, Nebraska.  At DreamCatchers, teens and adults partner with our horses to face life’s challenges in a safe, productive way. Whether you are a teen struggling to find where you fit in the world, an adult hoping to address life's challenges in a creative way, or a senior wanting to connect with your past through the divine energy of horses, we have a program for you!

Who We Are

Jodi Freeman, Executive Director and Program Manager

(photo coming soon)

I have been a lifelong horse lover, and have always felt an amazing connection to the majestic animals. I grew up spending a lot of time on my grandparents’ farm, hanging with Grandpa’s farm horses. I have a core memory of crawling under the barbwire when I was about 3 or 4 and sitting with them. I feel deeply that I knew then that horses were something more than a tool for the farm. At around 7 years old, Grandpa bought us grandkids a Shetland pony and promised me a foal out of his mare when I learned how to handle the (very stereotypical) Shetland – one of his many life lessons. After 3 years of “ponying”, he had his mare bred and the foal was MINE! I tragically lost her after only 8 short years, and I thought my horse dreams ended. Fast forward to 2017 – after volunteering at a rescue, becoming a horse owner again and watching my own daughters grow and thrive emotionally in partnership with their horses, I had a dream where my Grandpa told me my horses were a gift and I needed to share them. Because of that dream and the knowledge that horses support humans in a very emotionally powerful way, I founded DreamCatchers.

As a Certified Peer Support Specialist, I have the tools and knowledge to provide emotional support in a different "arena" than many other equine-based programs. Additionally, I am currently a student in the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method
program becoming certified as an Equine Gestaltist, by Melisa Pearce and Touched by a Horse, and will be adding this incredible method to our lineup in the summer of 2024.

Board of Directors:

Kylah Finch, President - Aurora, CO

Shane Freeman, Vice President - Lincoln,  NE

Madison Hall, Secretary - Lincoln, NE

Janet Busse - St. Paul, NE

Addison Chloupek - Lincoln, NE

Shannon Hanke - Lincoln, NE


(photos and bios to be added soon!)

Skeeter: Quarter Horse Gelding
Seeker: Quarter Horse Mare

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