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Equine Gestalt

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

You may have read the title and said "equine what?!" I know I sure did when I first heard of the Touched by a Horse® program.

I knew gestalt as a therapy modality, and had experienced it once in therapy. I knew horses are very sentient beings and have a way of connecting emotionally with humans. In fact, that innate knowledge is why I started DreamCatchers in the first place.

So what does it mean to be an Equine Gestaltist? Through an intense and rigorous certification program, I am learning to coach others in their healing. Gestalt is a modality that looks into the background of why things affect us as they do, and helps us go back to that time in order to take the charge out of it. The memory exists, but the reaction goes away. It is powerful and intense, and incredibly freeing. As a coach, I will be able to help people find their path to wholeness through the gestalt experience.

As my partners, my horses will use their energetic connections to "put a bow on it" so to speak. If you have been around my horses much, you have seen them give you the "once over". It may look like they are trying to figure out who you are... and that's exactly what they are doing! Only it's not by your scent or even taste (since you know Skeeter sometimes licks you like he's a big dog). It's by your energy, and where they find you need attuned. You need to experience it if you haven't already! Its incredibly powerful and awe-inspiring.

I am in my third term now - getting to the nitty gritty of healing my own junk and learning how to coach by doing it at our Core training sessions. In just about a year, I will be taking my final exam, and celebrating my certification as an Equine Gestaltist®

DreamCatchers is growing exponentially, both in mentoring and Peer Support, and soon enough in coaching as a Gestaltist. We are thrilled that you're along for the ride!

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