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Big Vision

Yesterday I played this silly little Facebook game about my "perfect home and car" (which turned out pretty accurate, btw) and I realized while I've talked a lot about needing a private space, and finding an acreage, I've never shared what my vision for that space looks like!

In my vision, the barn has always been yellowish steel (don't know why). It has grown over time to include a covered arena. I love the idea of a fabric cover with screens to keep flies out, that can be covered in wet & cold weather (similar to tent screens). I would love 7-10 acres, I don't ever plan on being a huge operation, just enough space for the perfect amount of horses for the work we do in emotional support.

Grassy pastures are key, as is a barn where humans and horses alike are comfortable. There is a secure, climate controlled office, feed room, tack room and covered hay storage in/attached to the barn so can keep "work" and "home" totally separate (I know myself well enough to know I will WAY overwork if I don't have separate space). It goes into more detail, but there's a birds-eye view. 😁

So, now when you're thinking of what DreamCatchers perfect place looks like, you can have a bit of insight into my vision!

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