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Who is in your Herd?

Updated: Feb 6

I recently moved my horses and my business to a new-to-us boarding barn. Today, they are calm and relaxed enough to lay down and soak up the sun for the first time in I don't even know how long.

Horses are prey animals. On the food chain, they ARE the food. So, in order to feel comfortable enough to lay down, they need to feel secure with the horses around them, and the people around them. They need to know their basic needs are being met (food and shelter), and that they are with friends. In a herd, one horse always stands up to "keep watch" while others lay down. My girls were welcomed in to their new herd by being allowed to be the ones to rest. Wouldn't it be amazing if we as humans could treat each other with such compassion?

Who is your herd? Do you have someone to stand watch while you rest? Do you feel secure enough to rest? It is my hope that we all find such peace one day.

horses  resting in a pasture
Be comfortable enough in your herd to rest

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