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Hook, line and sinker

There’s a term in Gestalt, introject, that means we have swallowed what has been fed to us hook, line and sinker. Told we are fat, or ugly? Gulp. Told we are dumb? Gulp. Told we can’t do something, told we are this or that? We believe it without question, especially when it comes from someone we admire or trust.

Those introjects often come to us when we are young children from our parents, family members or caregivers. They come to us from teachers, sports coaches, managers at work, and from classmates and even friends later in life.

We believe we are what we’re told we are, or aren’t without stopping to question whether it’s true or not. Sometimes we never learn anything different, even when what we’re told doesn’t sit right.

This week, a big introject hit me hard. “You’ll never be good enough”. Logically I know better. That old voice is LOUD. I am blessed to recognize her, tell her to have several seats, and to have an amazing support network around me.

That network includes my horses. They balance me, and remind me that I am indeed, good enough. I know what to do, and know to listen to my intuition.

We - the horses and I - are happy to support you in the same way. Let us know when you’re ready to tell your old voices to have a seat. We’ll pull out the chair.

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