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A Lesson in Anxiety

When we moved to our new facility in February, Seeker and Skeeter moved into stalls so I could monitor their feeding and give them the chance to gain some weight. I knew Skeeter wasn’t really happy being in a stall all night and a pen during the day. I also knew it was best for him. He got to go out on pasture a few days a week, and was always so happy when he could run & stretch.

It’s been a little over 90 days, and his weight is good again. I knew it was time to turn him out on the pasture. Then anxiety kicked in - what if he didn’t get along with the horses out there? What if he ran the fence? What if… what if…

And then - I took a deep breath, looked myself in the eye and said “Self - what if? You only have anxiety when you aren’t living in the here and now. Skeeter isn’t the one with anxiety. He’s a horse. Horses live in the moment. And they live in herds. And they find their way. Let’s not live in the future and buy problems that don’t exist.”

I listened to my gut, and I talked to Skeeter. And guess what? He’s FINE. He made his place in the herd known within a very short time & thanked me for letting go of MY worry.

Do you find yourself spinning into the what ifs? Letting anxiety take hold and prevent you from making the decisions you need to make? Skeeter and I have some tools we would love to share to help you start working through the what ifs, and not let them loom as large. Reach out to me at for assistance. 💕🐴

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