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What Is It?

Sometimes, we’re holding things in our bodies that feel like one thing, when in reality they are an entirely different beast. Last week, my Mentor asked me “is it sadness, or is it anger?”. Whoa. Hold on. Whew.

She didn’t say “Jodi, it’s anger.” She knew that I knew what “it” was - and she led me to leaving it behind through coaching, not telling. Not suggesting, not ordering. Coaching, allowing me to discover the depth of Anger I was feeling and leave it in the sand in her arena. To experience the peace and calm her beautiful horse sent through me after Anger left.

One of the things I love the very most about Equine Gestalt Coaching, and the huge effort I have put into this is being able to recognize things for what they really are, and experiencing, really truly experiencing, letting them go.

I’m a few weeks away from completing this course work, and earning my seal as a Certified Equine Gestaltist. I am grateful and honored to bring this amazing work to you, soon.

So - what is your “it”? Pain? Sadness? Anger? Anxiety? Limiting beliefs? “It” can be anything - and may be masquerading as something else entirely.

Let’s get together and leave “it” behind.

Message me at for details on scheduling your session.

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