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Wait... your horse can help me what?!

Picture this... you come to my barn buzzing with energy. Maybe you've had a rough week at work. Maybe home is not a comforting place. Maybe you're being bullied at school. Maybe you're excited about an upcoming event, and you're buzzing with that energy. Regardless, you're a ball of loud, moving parts. And, I hand you a brush. My horse greets you at the gate. And you give me THAT LOOK. You didn't show up and pay me to clean up my horse... We step into the pen, and I talk with you about being safe around horses. And I ask you to start brushing. I step out, and may or may not speak with you quietly. While you're brushing, we go through a breathing exercise. Breathe in... hold it... breathe out. You notice my horse beginning to relax under the brush. And you notice yourself. You are relaxing. Your breathing slows. Your shoulders lower. Your brow unfurls. You sigh. The horse sighs. The pace of your brushing slows.

So - what's going on? The breathing exercise helps. But what's really happening is that my horse is attuning your energy, using their energy. Bringing you to a place where you are absolutely present. Right here, right now. Not worried about what's happening tomorrow, or what happened yesterday. Simply relaxed and breathing. In the here and now.

You get to finish your time with my horse and me in a grounded, safe space. You might be physically more relaxed, you might be hungry, you might be ready for a nap. Now is the time to take care of you! Go get a snack, take a nap, and we'll see you in the arena next week.

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